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Modern Living Room Design

Layer modern shapes, bold accents & dramatic pops of color for a look that goes beyond one d├ęcor style.

1. Grey Area Rug

2. Glass Coffee Table

3. White Electric Fireplace and Mantel

4. Accent Chair

5. Chain Stitch Fractal Pillow

6. Sofa

7. Round Throw Pillow

8. Abstract Wall Art Canvas Print

9. Gold Sputnik Chandelier

10. Contemporary Print with Sand Texture

11. Modern Floor Lamp

12. Candlestick Holders

13. Glass Vase

14. Matte Black Vase

15. Shelf Floor Lamp

16. Throw Blanket

17. Modern Decorative Wall Clock

18. Decorative Throw Pillow Case

19. Decorative Books

20. Modern Round Side Table

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21. Table Decoration for Coffee Table

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